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Events supported by Chai with Manjula:
Irfan Alam
-Social Entrepreneur
Ashok Khosla
Environmental Visionar
Deepak Chopra
Akshaya Patra, USA
Kavita Ramdas
Global Fund for Women
TiEcon 2011 (Part 1)
Entrepreneurs giving back
TiEcon 2011 (Part 2)
Entrepreneurs giving
Radha Basu
Anudip Foundation
Neeru Khosla
CK-12 Foundation
Boona Cheema
Building Opportunities  
for Self Sufficiency
Anu Peshawaria
Activist & Attorney
100K Cheeks, and BMST India
(Shortage of Bone Marrow Registry among South
Helping Seniors from India in the U.S.
ASSET India Foundation
(Human Trafficking in India)
Desh Deshpande
The Deshpande
Sudha Murthy & Narayana
The Infosys Foundation
Philanthropists, Social Activists, and Social Entrepreneurs:
The Tech Awards
for Technology Benefiting Humanity
NReye, a closer look,
a special series of shows on TV Asia (Canada & U.S.), KTSF-TV (Bay Area), 2014
Suicide among our Youth
Our Golden Years
Challenges & Solutions (Part 1 of 2)
Our Golden Years
Challenges & Solutions (Part 2 of 2)
Domestic Violence
Old Age of Early
Old Age of Late
Our Youth
Seniors from India (1 of 2)
Challenges and options
Seniors from India (2 of 2)
Challenges and options
Pressures on our Youth
Education about India in classrooms
Fraudulent NRI Marriages
Our Health
Indo-American health
Overview of the series,
NReye, a closer look
Suicide Prevention Walk