Sankara Eye Foundation (SEF)              (Show #6, April 2008)
1-866-Sankara (726-5272)

Guest: Murali Krishnamurthy

India is home to one-fifth of the world's blind population, but the majority
of cases there are curable. With proper facilities, staff, and funding,
curable blindness can be eradicated, just like polio and other diseases.
This is Sankara Eye Foundation's (SEF's) mission -- "Vision 20/20 by the
year 2020" -- providing quality eye care to the needy where they are,
with a rural outreach program, and providing facilities in a scalable,
self-sustaining manner in order to move towards the eradication of
performed over 350,000 free eye surgeries and operating 6 hospitals.
Scalability comes from the fact that each of the specialty eye care
hospitals they build will become self-sufficient in 5 years, with one
already on its way. They are currently building 2 more hospitals, one in
Anand and the other in Shimoga.
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