Organization: Home of Hope, Inc.                    Show #1                                                 Oct. 2007
(650) 520-3204
Shilpi Minocha, President
Anoop Judge, Vice President
Isaac Abid, Member, Projects Committee

Since 1997 Home of Hope has been striving to
orphaned, physically and mentally challenged, or otherwise
disadvantaged children with the best possible services. These
include education, and basics such as  shelter, clothing, and
health care. In projects where the basic needs have been met,
they are introducing other initiatives such as computer
science, speech therapy, mental health programs, etc. These
minor steps are to give an opportunity to each child to be a
self-dependent, and self-productive member of society.
Tabla-solo by Shonali Srivastava, a
well-known artist/teacher in the Bay Area.
Chai with Manjula
...a show about giving
                            since 2007
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