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YES! for Schools (Youth Empowerment Seminar)
Guest: Bill Herman
National Director

YES! for Schools is a Youth Empowerment Seminar being
offered in schools around the U.S., by
IAHV (International
Association for Human Values), which is a sister organization
of the
Art of Living Foundation. The program empowers
teens with tools to manage their emotions and stress while
bringing out the best in themselves as students, leaders
and community members.

  • Youth Segment
Student featured: Adya Roy  (15 years old)
Dougherty Valley High School
Danville, California
Author of
Zoss: a different world

Adya is donating all proceeds from the book to Nayantara
Memorial Charitable Trust
FaceBook page: Zoss: a different world
Show #39
                                                                                                 July 2011
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