Event: Sing for a Cause, by Chai with Manjula

The show includes some of the performances by well-known Bay
Area artists at a Sing for a Cause event.

This particular event was a tribute to
Pratham, an organization
leading the largest movement to eradicate child illiteracy in India.
Master of Ceremonies:
Kohinoor Chakravarty

Sing for a Cause is an initiative of the Chai with Manjula
organization. Musical events are held regularly to raise
awareness about a specific cause each time, and to celebrate
giving. It is a volunteer-driven initiative. While the artists lend
their time and talent, passionate volunteers tend all other areas
including sound, videography, etc.

We appreciate the overwhelming interest on the part of
performers, volunteers, as well as attendees.
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Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.
   --William James

Show #15
Chai with Manjula
...a show about giving
          since 2007
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