Organization: Narika (in San Francisco/Bay Area, since 1992)
Issue: Domestic Violence and Abuse within S. Asian community
Helpline – 1-800-215-7308
Office – 510-444-6068
  • Manju Seal, President, Board of Directors
  • Atashi Chakravarty, Executive Director

Narika's mission is to promote the
empowerment of women in our
community to confront and overcome the cycles of domestic violence and
exploitation. They work to build a movement to end violence against
women and to support women's rights as human rights. Their domestic
violence helpline receives over 2,000 calls per year and serves the entire
Bay Area – including Alameda, Marin, Santa Clara, Contra Costa, San Mateo,
San Francisco and Yuba, Sutter and Yolo counties.
Narika considers women who are emotionally or physically abused in their
homes and families to be victims of a larger societal violence against
women. Such women may be abused by either men or women, and the
violence they suffer is not the result of their class, education, race,
religion, economic circumstances, sexual orientation, perceived
inadequacies or other personal circumstance or characteristics. Narika's
philosophy relies on incorporating the cultural affinities, the language
capabilities, and the most empowering practices from both South Asian and
American cultures. Their volunteers and staff offer advice, helping hands,
and a sisterly ear providing the support and information women need to
make their own decisions.

(Show #18, June 2009)
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