Guest: Kumar Malavalli                                       Show #25
entrepreneur/philanthropist                                   April 2010
co-founder: Brocade Communications
  and Inmage Technologies

A serial entrepreneur & visionary in the field of Storage
Networks, Kumar Malavalli was inducted into the Silicon Valley
Engineering Hall of Fame in 2003, after the success of Brocade
Communications, a company he co-founded in 1995 and
served as CTO for many years.
Currently, he is Chairman of Inmage Systems, which he co-
founded in 2002, and he invests in, and mentors numerous
networking start-ups in the field of Information Technology,
and other emerging areas.
Kumar's phenomenal success goes far beyond
entrepreneurship. He is a person of extraordinary interest in
building lasting institutions for education, social development,
and health-care in both the US and India. His philanthropy is
also in step with his beliefs, as he has given millions of dollars
towards his global vision. His contributions towards the
American India Foundation, the India Community Center in the
Bay Area, UC Santa Cruz, Cal State-E. Bay, & Indus
International Schools are some examples of his clear vision
and philosophy.

In this conversation Kumar gives us insight into his philosophy
about giving, and his philanthropic activities.

His message for entrepreneurs out  there, clearly is:
wealth, give back, and make a difference!”
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