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Guest: Dr. Jyothi Bathina
Founder & Director, Literate Voices

Dr. Jyothi Bathina talks about her passion for working
with children at risk of failing or dropping out. The
Literate Voices project seeks to encourage and motivate
young people, who are impoverished and silent. By
working with, and publishing the heart-wrenching
stories of these youth, she hopes to inspire them to
have dreams, and help readers understand and address
the issue of terrible inequities in our society.

Dr. Bathina is a faculty member specializing in
Secondary and Content Literacy at the Kremen School
of Education and Human Development, California State
University, Fresno.

Special Segment: Artists Giving Back!
Artist: Ramesh Maraj, Saxophonist           
Show #47
                                                                          April 2012
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