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Guest: Kavita Ramdas                                                      
Advisor, former President/CEO                                               
-Global Fund for Women

The Global Fund for Women is the largest foundation in the world
focused exclusively on women and girls, and it has been a catalyst in
the global women’s rights movement since 1987 by mobilizing nearly
$85 million from 20,000+ diverse individuals and institutions and in turn,
grants to 4200 groups in 171 countries. In 2010 alone, their
efforts reached 125,000 women and girls and benefited thousands

Former member of the Global Development Program Advisory Panel to
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Kavita Ramdas was the President
and CEO of the
Global Fund for Women from 1996 - 2010, where she
continues her leadership today in an advisory capacity.

As leader of the Global Fund for Women, Kavita has passionately
supported women's human rights around the world, addressing such
critical issues as economic independence, increasing girls' access to
education and stopping violence against women.

Kavita is a visiting fellow and scholar at the Center on Democracy,
Development, and the Rule of Law at
Stanford University. She also
serves on the Board of Trustees at
Princeton University, on the Council
of Advisors on Gender Equity to the
Woodrow Wilson School at
Princeton University,
and on the Advisory Council to the Asian
University for Women and the African Women Millennium Initiative on
Poverty and Human Rights
. She is a member of the Henry Crown
Fellow's Program of the Aspen Institute
and previously served as a
board member for the
Women's Funding Network.

Kavita has been awarded numerous honors including the Women
Who Could Be President Award
by the League of Women Voters, the
21 Leaders for the 21st Century Award by Women's e-News, and the
2004 LEAD (Leadership for Equity and Diversity) award
from Women & Philanthropy.                             
                                                                       Show #37
                                                                       May, 2011
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