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Guest: Nyna Caputi
Founder, Global Walk for India's Missing Girls

Nyna Caputi started a Walk for India's missing Girls  to raise
awareness about female infanticide and foeticide in India. The walk
has been adopted by 15 cities in 4 countries.

In the last century over 50 million girls have been eliminated from
India's population. 10 million girls have been killed by their parents
either before or soon after their birth in India in the last two decades,
resulting in an imbalance in the gender ratio -- 927 girls per 1,000
boys .In some regions it is as low as 500 girls per 1000 boys. This has
led to an increase in trafficking, sexual abuse and violence against
Nyna Pais Caputi, a filmmaker and Bay Area professional, realized the
gravity of the situation when she decided to adopt a child from India.
She wanted to adopt a girl. “I was told I would have at least a two- to
three-year wait for a baby girl. I was surprised to learn that there were
long waiting lists of families wanting to adopt girls from India,” said
Ms. Caputi. “Then the orphanage that I visited in India pointed a lake
out to me in the vicinity where baby girls used to be drowned by their
Nyna is also working on a documentary film about female foeticide
and infanticide in India called Petals In The Dust: India's Missing Girls.
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The show also includes a Kathak dance performance by Nandini Kanhere at the end.
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