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Organization: Friends of the Ganges                    show #38
Guest: Catherine Porter                                         June 2011
Volunteer Executive Director

Friends of the Ganges (-an all volunteer organization)
Friends of the Ganges is a U.S. non-profit that works to support the
clean-up of the Ganges River in Varanasi, India. Its all-volunteer team
identifies and provides funds, technical expertise and moral support to
the Sankat Mochan Foundation.  SMF is the Indian NGO which founded
and has led the Swacha Ganga Abhiyan, or Clean Ganges Campaign,
since the early 1980's.

FOG/US team members visit India at least once a year to review action
strategies and support public awareness, decision-maker education
and lobbying, and all manner of activity that help clean Ganga in
Benares.  FOG/US members work with other colleagues, like the
OzGreen team of Ganges friends from Australia, in these efforts.

Catherine has been actively involved with the organization since 1988.

Catherine Porter:

Director, Consultant at Collaboration/Impact
Board of Directors at Global Greengrants Fund
Coordinator at Funders Forum on Antibiotic Resistance
Board of Directors at Jenifer Altman Foundation
Executive Director at Friends of the Ganges

Board of Directors at Motion Institute
Member at Unreasonable Women for the Earth
Member at Collaborative on Health and the Environment
Director of New Initiatives, Fellow at commonweal
Board member, interim director at Bioneers / Collective Heritage
Executive Director at Consultative Group on Biological Diversity
Executive Director, US Citizens Network on UNCED at UNCED, Earth
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