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Guest: Gururaj Desh Deshpande
A serial entrepreneur, and Founder of The Deshpande

Desh Deshpande is an iconic figure in the Indian-American
Community as a successful serial entrepreneur and a
generous philanthropist. He is well known as a co-founder
& chairman of
Sycamore Networks, and founder & chairman
Cascade Communications. Dr. Deshpande serves as a
life member of the MIT Corporation, and his generous
support has made possible
MIT’s Deshpande Center for
Technological Innovation
. The Deshpande Foundation
which he established in 1996, has set up several initiatives
including the
Deshpande Center for Social
Entrepreneurship in Indi
a, Merrimack Valley Social
Entrepreneurship Sandbox in Massachusetts
, and the Pond-
Deshpande Center at the University of New Brunswick in
He also co-chairs a National Council to support
President Obama’s innovation and entrepreneurship

Show #55
                                                                                                          Jan. 2013
The Deshpande Foundation
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