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Domestic Violence & Abuse within the South
Asian Community in the U.S.

Guest: Anu Peshawaria
Immigration Attorney, and Activist
Former Legal Advisor to the Embassy of India, U.S.

As an attorney and Activist, Anu Peshawaria is addressing the
growing problem of domestic violence & abuse within the
South Asian community in the U.S.

Anu's work on the subject:

Seva Legal Aid,
-an organization that offers free legal workshops

2.  Written two books on the subject:
The Immigrant's Dream,
Lives on the Brink

3. E-Verify: -a service in India for background

(Based in Fremont, CA, Anu Peshawaria is a former
Wimbledon Tennis Player, and a proud sister of India's top
cop Dr. Kiran Bedi.)
 Show # 48
                                                                                               May, 2012