• "In a day and age when everybody hosts talk shows that
    are about entertainment, or about personalities, it is to her
    credit that Manjula chooses to give visibility to those who
    are involved in issues of charity and philanthropy. Really, It
    is creating awareness about individuals who are doing this
    kind of work, that can then get them the support they are
    looking for. And that's why I say that Chai with Manjula is a
    must watch for those who are interested in social issues,
    and philanthropy."
Shabana Azmi
Actor/Activist of international acclaim

  • "Chai with Manjula is an excellent show. It creates
    awareness of yet another dimension of first generation
    immigrants, which is philanthropic contribution to the
    society. She is a very polite host, and makes the guest
    comfortable in sharing their thoughts. Great show!"
Shailesh Mehta

  • "Chai with Manjula is a great show and fantastic vehile to
    provide awareness about philanthropic and other social
    issues pertaining to Indo-American community. It is
    becoming increasingly popular among the community. A lot
    of people contacted me about Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation
    after you aired my interview. You are doing a great service
    Manjula! Wish you all the best."
Sucheta Kapuria
Founding President, and current Director of
Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of USA

  • Hundreds of people pursue a cause
Hoping to make a big difference
Along comes a humble and beautiful soul
Selflessly helping their efforts
Sleeplessly toiling to spotlight each cause
Striving to bring out the essence
If anyone deserves the greatest applause
Its Manjula's insightful presents!
Mona Vijaykar
Founder/Director, India in Classrooms

  • Recently Manjula Gupta showcased Narika’s work by
    interviewing us.  Domestic violence in the South Asian
    community is a taboo topic and usually ignored.  Yet, we
    found that Manjula approached it with great sensitivity and
    displayed keen interest.  She also offered connecting
    Narika to her donor network which is critical in these tough
    financial times.  Her show serves as a key link in
    highlighting topics that mainstream media may not cover
    with nuances that are South Asian community-specific.  
    Kudos to Chai with Manjula’s endeavors in bridging the
    great divide between South Asian immigrant community and
    the mainstream American media.
Manju Seal
President, Narika

  • The show Chai with Manjula is unique because it gives
    various non-profits a chance to showcase their endeavours
    and achievements, thus providing inspiration and
    opportunities to others by opening up new horizons for

The show has helped us reach a different segment of
audience that are normally inaccessible to us and spread
awareness amongst them. We have also been able to     
watch other similar charities at work through this show, which  
in turn has lead to more opportunities of helping our Home of
Hope children."   
Shilpi Minocha
President, Home of Hope, Inc.

  • Having the Sangati Center featured on television through
    Chai with Manjula provided very welcome exposure to our
    organization, which organizes chamber concerts of Indian
    classical music every week in San Francisco. Manjula's
    focused interview gave the opportunity for viewers to gain
    some insight into the purpose of the Sangati Center,and the
    inclusion of a live in-studio concert performance gave a
    taste of what guests might expect by attending a live
    concert. The segment was well-produced, and we were able
    to use a portion of it as a "work sample" submitted to
    organizations that have since partially funded the Sangati
    Center's ongoing calendar of concerts. I commend Manjula
    on her dedicated efforts to direct attention to worthy cultural
    and social causes such as our own.
Gautam Tejas Ganeshan
Founder/Director, The Sangati Center, San Francisco

  • "I enjoyed my Chai with Manjula a lot. She is soft spoken but
    persistent interviewer. She is able to put you at ease and
    extract sentiments and feelings behind actions. I think she is
    doing a great job of building a living history of Indian
    American experience in the Silicon Valley."

Kanwal Rekhi

  • Manjula presented the subject of suicide and prevention
    in a skillful manner. This piece is on U tube and in DVD

The information is helping to spread the knowledge of this
secretive illness attached with stigma.

Some Public Access channels are airing this documentry. The
DVDs are being shown in different schools to help the school
couselors and parents to identify depression and help in suicide

Feedback from those who have seen the show is very
. For example, this is what Andrew had to say about how
helpful the information about suicide, and prevention was that he
got from this show:

"I learned some very clear lessons about prevention, and it
helped me to understand more about how families can feel
as they continue their lives— hopefully being able to live as
you and your family have."
-Andrew Chandler
(Medical student at UMas)

Neena Grover
Founder of the Walk(Out of the Darkness)

  • Chai with Manjula is a well organized community oriented  
    TV  program that is a great example of “SERVICE ABOVE

Manjula, an intelligent and passionate show host, is providing a
much-needed platform to the Community Leaders and Volunteers
to communicate amongst themselves and with the community at
large to better serve the needy.

Being a Rotarian, I put Manjula’s TV program “Chai with         
Manjula” to the Four-Way test:

Is it the TRUTH?
Is it FAIR to all concerned?
Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Manjula you got them all.
A great show!!!!

Dr. Rakesh Sharma

  • "The show immensely helped us to bring awareness about     
    Pratham. The questions showed the depth of your
    knowledge about Pratham. They were designed to bring out
    the salient features of Pratham for the clear understanding
    of its goals, its mission, its programs, its funding sources, its
    leadership and other pertinent information, to the viewers
    and potential donors. Thanks again and we wish you all the
Aruna Goradia
President, Pratham USA
SF/Bay Area chapter

  • "I truly appreciate what Manjula is doing for the community.
    Like Induz, she has given exposure to several other
    organizations in the Bay Area. Induz is an organization which
    was formed by a team of Bay Area professionals, who have  
    a passion to give back to the community. Given that this is
    something we do in addition to our day jobs and family; we
    struggle at times to get support from volunteers or raise
    awareness about our cause and get the necessary support.
    This is where Chai with Manjula fills the void. Through her
    show and her great hosting ability, Manjula was able to
    capture the essence of our organization and provided a
    much needed channel to raise awareness about Induz. Her
    hosting abilities deserve a special mention – she is very calm
    in her approach and makes her guests feel very
    comfortable. She does her research well in advance, hosts
    the shows, edits the shows and posts them. Hats off to her
    multi talented skills! We are very glad that Manjula joined the
    Advisory Board of Induz and is providing her expertise to
    take Induz to the next level."
Ray Mitra
Founder, Induz

  • "Chai with Manjula provided us with a great opportunity to
    talk to viewers about Asha for Education and the change we
    are able to bring to the lives of lakhs of children in India
    every year. This show provides the Indian nonprofits with a
    unique opportunity to reach out to the larger Indian
    population, talk about our philanthropic work and ask for
    their participation towards our cause. We wish Manjula
    continued success with the show!"
Anand Raghavan
President, Asha (2006-08)
SF/Bay Area chapter
Guest Feedback
Chai with Manjula
...a show about giving
            since 2007
"I feel privileged to have been on the 'Chai with Manjula' show
which highlighted my documentary film, 'Petals In The Dust: The
Endangered Indian Girls'. I was very impressed with the research
Manjula did on the film and the issue. Chai with Manjula is really a
one-of-a-kind talk show that exclusively features non-profits,
activists and organizations that are working on social justice
issues and I am sure it will inspire people to get involved and
make a difference."

Nyna Pais Caputi
Director, Petals In The Dust: The Endangered Indian Girls